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3 ways to prep your rental home for winter

The colder months are already here, and with temperatures dropping rapidly across the country, it could be time to prepare your home for the winter weather. Frost, ice, and bitter conditions are all enemies of property and can have a negative impact on essential utilities like plumbing or heating. With the current energy costs, it can help landlords and tenants alike to prepare for the winter and keep expenses for bills and repairs under control. 

1. Check windows and doors 

Any access point to the home will be a place where heat and energy can escape. To keep the heat loss to a minimum doors and windows should be checked for gaps and draughts and be sealed to prevent cold air from coming in. Doors can be made more heat efficient with the use of weather stripping around the frame, and draught excluders may be used to block open gaps between the door and the floor. 

2. Condensation and mould

Icy temperatures mean that the heating gets cranked up which can lead to problems with condensation collecting on areas like window sills or in damp parts of the home like the bathroom or kitchen. Too much condensation can cause problems with mould build-up. Good insulation will help to keep condensation and mould at bay. Regularly wiping down windows and cold surfaces can help, and places like bathroom ceilings, can be painted with mould inhibiting paint. 

3. Check pipework

Plumbing and exposed pipework can experience a range of problems in wintertime. Burst or frozen pipes can be extremely expensive to fix and are highly inconvenient for residents who will be left without a water supply. Pipes can be protected with insulation or lagging and keeping the central heating on a low-level, water will prevent water from freezing and ensure that pipes stay protected in colder temperatures. 

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