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New selective licensing requirements in Liverpool

The new selective landlord licensing scheme in Liverpool doesn’t have to be a headache for landlords impacted by the requirements. If you rent out properties in any of the 16 wards that will require the new license from April 1st, then we can apply for and complete the license application for you.

What Are the New Licensing Requirements?

The selective licenses affect any privately-rented properties located in 16 wards in Liverpool. The landlords of these properties must apply for these new licenses from the beginning of April, and the property owner or managing agent must ensure the licence is valid at all times.

To apply for the license, you first need to create an account on the Licensing and Regulations (LAR) system and then access the application form from there. The form features guidance on how to complete it, though as mentioned, we can complete the entire sign-up and application process for you.

Required information for the application includes a proof of address, gas certificate and other safety information for the relevant properties. You will also need to provide property and tenancy details, as well as the names, addresses and emails of all interested parties. Lastly, you must provide all of your ‘fit and proper’ information.

The 16 Liverpool wards requiring new licenses for privately-rented properties include:

  • Anfield
  • Central
  • County
  • Everton           
  • Fazakerley      
  • Greenbank     
  • Kensington and Fairfield        
  • Kirkdale          
  • Old Swan        
  • Picton 
  • Princes Park   
  • Riverside        
  • St Michaels    
  • Tuebrook and Stoneycroft     
  • Warbeck
  • Wavertree

Apply For New License with Revive

Here at Revive we provide a full application completion service for landlords affected by the new licensing requirements. Our fee is £150 plus VAT, and we offer discounts for landlords with multiple properties.

We take the stress out of the licensing process and complete your applications for you, ensuring you and your properties are covered once the new requirements commence in April. You will also be able to take advantage of our refurbishment and 24-hour reactive maintenance services, saving both time and money on your properties 0151 933 1075

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