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October 2022 News

The temporary Covid-adjusted right to rent measures have now come to an end (as recapped in our last newsletter), and more details on the government’s plans for the Decent Homes Standard have been released in its consultation document, in anticipation of it being introduced under the Renters’ Reform Bill. Plus, there’s new support for energy prices in the coming months – yet landlords will be expected to pass on the £400 energy payment for bills-inclusive tenancies. You can read about these updates in more detail below.

Landlords will need to pass the £400 energy discount to tenants

The government has announced that it will legislate to ensure that landlords pass the £400 Energy Bills Support Scheme (EBSS) payment on to their tenants, for any bills inclusive tenancies. This discount on energy bills will be paid in six instalments between October and March 2023.

New support for energy bills

A new energy price guarantee has been announced, meaning the typical household will pay £2,500 on average for the next two years from 1 October 2022, saving each an estimated £1,000 a year. This is on top of the financial support already available for the winter months, as well as the £400 payment for all households – as mentioned above – and the additional support available for vulnerable and low-income individuals.

A consultation on the Decent Homes Standard

The government launched its consultation into introducing a legally binding Decent Homes Standard into the private rented sector, closing on 14 October. Its proposals aim to “halve the number of poor-quality rented homes”. The consultation document shares that an estimated 21% of properties in the private rented sector don’t meet the relevant standard and will need to invest in upgrades. The government will consider a “cost cap” on the improvements landlords will be expected to make.

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