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What is an assisted property sale?

An assisted property sale is when you ‘assist’ or ‘help’ a Vendor to sell their property.

An assisted property sale can benefit both parties: the buyer and seller. For buyers, an assisted property sale may allow them to purchase a home that is bigger than they could normally afford to buy on their own with a no money down purchase, or to buy a property sooner. 

Sellers that need to sell quickly may enter into an agreement with a joint partner to renovate and rapidly sell or ‘flip’ a property. An assisted sale that is structured correctly can be a win-win for a seller/investor partnership with profits shared between both parties and limited risk. 

What are the benefits of an assisted sale?

If you have been trying to sell your home for an extended period of time with no interest, then an assisted sale may be the answer. For sellers, this can be a way to receive money up front and leave the issue of selling the property to someone else. If your property is in need of repairs or improvements, then using the assisted sale method can help to sidestep the problem of having to invest money in the home to make it sell and needing to release maximum profits. 

An assisted sale is often used for inherited properties that simply need to be offloaded by the new owners. In this situation, sellers can receive their funds quickly and avoid the stress of the typical home sale process with scheduled viewings and property chains.

Some of the key factors that make assisted sales highly appealing are:

  • No mortgage is needed
  • No deposit required
  • No stamp duty 
  • No 6-month re-sale rule 
  • Faster sales strategy

Who can use an assisted sales strategy?

While assisted sales may seem as though they are a strategy reserved for investors and experienced property buyers, the truth is that anyone can take advantage of this sales method. In many ways it can be less risky than the normal way of buying and selling and less of a financial commitment than flipping properties in the traditional manner. 

With plenty of assisted sale opportunities on the market it can be an ideal way for beginners to get started. Managing a refurbishment project without the usual financial risks can be a fantastic way for new property investors to gain experience. Seasoned investors typically have multiple assisted sales running simultaneously to provide them with profits from sales at regular intervals.

Which properties are ideal for assisted sales?

Not all properties will be suitable for selling with the assisted sales method, some vendors may not be willing to sell their homes in any way other than the traditional method. But as homes linger and sit unsold on the market it can open up many opportunities. The type of properties that are prime candidates for assisted sales are:

  • Homes that are in disrepair or in need of modernisation
  • Properties for sale with no chain
  • Properties that have been on the market for an extended period of time
  • Homes that are probate properties

With plenty of potential opportunities, no finance needed and the opportunity to make large lump sums of cash on every deal, assisted sales can be appealing for many. If you would like to learn more about generating revenue from selling properties, contact our experienced team of professionals at Revive Sales & Lettings and see how the assisted sales method can work for your property. 

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