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Why tenants should use a lettings agent

Renting a property can be a tricky proposition, while there are many private landlords willing to let you rent their property, it can become problematic when needing routine maintenance or repairs handled. 

This is where using a lettings agent can benefit both tenants and landlords by ensuring that needed repairs are completed timely and efficiently. Reducing the frustration of slow repairs for landlords and tenants helps to prevent future problems, lowers the cost of repairs, and keeps tenants happier, which can result in longer term tenancies.

To facilitate the process for our tenants, Revive has a dedicated 24/7 reporting system that allows our tenants to go online and report any problems immediately. 

For any issues with things like water leaks, boiler operation, or electrical issues our tenants are able to visit our reporting page, select the applicable icon, and add details of their address, contact information, and the problem being experienced. There is even the ability to add photos to supply more context. 

Our system allows reports to be made in different languages and guides the process by providing handy pop ups and images. Once the details have been entered the repair request is sent directly to us and the tenant will receive a confirmation email. 

As well as expediting the repair reporting process for tenants our system can also benefit property owners and landlords. With the average cost of each repair for a home rental in the region of £200, and an average of 3-4 repairs needed each year, having a reporting system that supports a fast response can help landlords save money. 

Untended repairs can often cause subsequent damage, such as an unattended water leak that damages flooring, so fast reporting can head off additional costly problems. Landlords who are the owners of more than one property could find that savings add up across the tax year to a substantial amount.

For example, if a property owner has 5 rental homes, prompt maintenance and repair reporting could save an average of over £600 a year, every year. Keeping your property in good condition also means that it remains in a rentable condition and attracts prime tenants. 

Tenants who wish to report an issue can visit Revive Properties Reporting Page and instantly document their issue. There is nothing that cannot be reported using the system, and options range from problems with alarms and smoke detectors, to pests and vermin. If you do not see your repair category listed then select the ‘Other’ icon and report your problem there. 

As soon as your report is received, we will contact the necessary maintenance people and make arrangements for the repairs to be completed. To help maintain your property we also have a directory of paid services. Including decorators, carpenters, and home security services. 

Need your gutters cleaning? Find a provider on our pages. 

While these are extra services not included with a tenancy agreement, it takes the stress and hassle out of trying to find a reputable contractor or service provider. Our reporting system even extends to external or communal repairs that are needed. Problems with intercoms, electric gates, or shared stairways can all be fixed using our system. 

With speed and accessibility in mind, tenants can access the Revive Property Repair Reporting Page from a laptop, tablet, or mobile phone with no need to download any applications or special software. 

Landlords and tenants can be assured that their property will be repaired and maintained quickly, professionally, and efficiently to keep homes in the best condition possible and to reduce the possibility of future or ongoing problems. 

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