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Why you need to consider property investment

The trick to successful investing is maintaining a good return on your investment. For those seeking a positive return, investing in property can be a viable and profitable proposition. At Revive Properties we have a proven track record of helping investors both new and experienced, maximise their investment.

With 8 years in the property business, we help and advise investors that would like to put their money into property. If you have considered property investment but don’t know how or where to start, our trusted team of advisors can point you in the right direction. From identifying profitable areas to advising on investment strategy, we provide investors with actionable information to help them reach a good return on investment. 

In fact, we are so confident in our strategy that we put our own money into property investments, and our group of companies has a proven track record over the years we have been operating. Whether you are considering buy-to-rent, commercial investment, or other types of property investment we are here to help you.

Since buy to let mortgages were introduced in 1996 the average rate of return has exceeded 10%. Compare that to the annual return offered on a standard bank account which can frequently be lower than 1%. High Yield Savings Accounts or ISA’s can offer slightly better returns, but still fall very short of the amount of money that property investment offers. It can also mean that your money is tied up for a set period leaving you unable to access it or needing to pay an early withdrawal penalty.

Investing in property provides many positives for investors, not only are you buying a tangible asset that you can buy and sell at will, but you are also providing needed housing for people and building yourself a regular income from rental yields.

Property investment has become so popular in recent years that traditional stock market investors are turning away from sinking money into stocks and shares in favour of buying real estate, and taking advantage of the high and reasonably level gains. For these investors, property investment provides a better return at a lower risk and allows for broader portfolio diversification. While real estate is not as liquid as the stock market it does build a reliable, passive income. 

Consistent growth and opportunities make the UK housing market an attractive place to invest. Over the next 5 years, property prices in the country are expected to rise in excess of 20%. Leaving plenty of room for new property investors to get in on the action. Emphasis is on the Midlands and Northern areas of the country with the highest demand predicted in those regions. Rental prices are expected to jump by over 8% in those areas with an almost 12% increase in the West Midlands, which is set to outperform the rest of the market. 

Whether you are a seasoned investor looking to expand your portfolio or a new investor that wants to get in on the market, Revive Properties is here to help. We can help you to identify profitable investments, and help with property renovations to get the most from your return. We work with you to connect you with the best investment opportunities and help you to unleash the full potential of each investment. 

Beat the low rate of return on your bank accounts and get started with property investment today Contact Revive Properties at info@reviveps.co.uk, or call 0151 933 1075 for a private, no-obligation consultation with one of our investment experts and find out how we can help you achieve your property investment goals. 

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