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Why you should use an established building contractor for property refurbishments

Ever heard the saying ‘Buy it cheap, buy it twice’? Well, this can be especially true in the case of home renovations. Property managers will frequently need to perform renovations or repairs on their property before it is ready to live in but finding a building contractor that is capable of providing quality work can be a challenge. 

While the cost of carrying out building work can be expensive, the cheapest option is not always the best. Construction work that is not up to standard or does not meet the necessary regulations will need to be redone, racking up the bill even higher. 

How to find a reputable building contractor

Before undertaking any building renovation work it can be advisable to locate a reputable building contractor. Using builders that are a member of a trade associate or professional organisation can give you some assurance that their work meets industry standards. 

Finding builders that have been operating in your local area and can provide evidence of prior projects can also be useful. Recommendations and testimonials from previous customers can demonstrate their professionalism and quality of work, and references should be requested. 

If a builder has been working professionally for some time, they should be able to produce examples of work or show renovations that have been previously performed. This could be in the form of before and after photos, or often they will be able to take you to a project that is in progress so that you can see the work while it is being done. 

Visiting a site also gives you an opportunity to look at the type of material being used and check if safety procedures are being followed. 

Check several quotes

Even if the cheapest is not always the best, it can also be true that the most expensive may not always be the best either. For this reason, it is wise to shop around and request a number of quotes from different builders. Compare what is included in terms of materials used and look for guarantees on the work provided. 

Be careful on any requests for upfront payments and always get a written contract that supplies the exact details of work to be performed, the items that are included, and completion dates. There should also be an agreement on payments to be made and due dates. 

For your own protection, It can also be worth establishing what the resolution procedure is should anything go wrong or if the work is not carried out in accordance with the agreed contract. 

Using a project management company

Even if this all sounds a bit daunting, there is help at hand. Working with an established building company will help to avoid a lot of issues. But adding a project management company into the mix can help to ensure that your building works are done correctly without running into regulatory hurdles. 

Using a project management company can help to ensure that renovations are done in line with specifications and that work is carried out appropriately. It gives property managers the added security of professional oversight and can help to steer projects in the right direction. Should things get off track it will be the project management companies job to work with the builder until issues are resolved. 
The team at Revive Property Services has extensive experience in this area. With directors that have a past history of construction management for major housing developments, we have a unique insight into the market and building requirements needed. For 8 years, we have been helping our investors to manage successful property renovations.

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