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Your April 2023 Property News

There were plenty of announcements in March 2023 that may affect your property investment and compliance requirements in the future. A new How to rent guide was released, and we’ll ensure that all of your tenants going forwards receive this latest edition.

Capital gains tax allowance is changing in April, and there are rumours abound that the changes to the required EPC ratings will be pushed back – although the government still has to officially confirm. Plus, anti-social tenants could face a 2-week eviction notice – read on for more details. 

Changes to eviction notice periods for anti-social tenants

The government has announced that it will give landlords more power in the face of anti-social tenants – including reducing the notice for eviction of an anti-social tenant to just two weeks. The proposals are detailed in its Anti-Social Behaviour Action Plan, and are expected to be included in the Renters’ Reform Bill, when it’s introduced to parliament. 

Delay to the changing EPC requirements

The Telegraph has reported that plans to increase minimum energy efficiency standards in private rented homes to an EPC band C on new tenancies by 2025 and for all tenancies by 2028 may be delayed. The expected new deadline is simply 2028 for all tenancies – yet this has yet to be confirmed.

Changes to capital gains tax from 6 April

Landlords selling their properties need to pay capital gains tax, which is calculated based on the difference between the amount the property cost originally and its value when sold. Some of this profit – Annual Exemption Allowance (AEA) – can be tax-free. However, the tax-free limit is going to decrease from £12,300 to £6,000 in the 2023-2024 tax year, from 6 April 2023. This means landlords will be paying tax on more of their profit. This amount will decrease again for the following tax year, dropping to £3,000. 

New edition of the “How to rent” guide published

At the end of March 2023, the government published an updated version of the How to rent guide for tenants. This edition includes details about the new carbon monoxide and smoke alarm requirements and recent digital improvements to right to rent checks. It’s essential for any new tenants to receive the latest edition of the guide before the start of their tenancy, and for any renewing tenants too. Section 21 notices may be invalid if the guide wasn’t shared with tenants at the right time.

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