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The strength of investing in the UK property market

Property investment in the UK remains one of the best ways to make strong returns. As 2022 gets well underway and the effects of the Covid pandemic begin to fade, the UK property market is proving to be one of the most popular for investors. 

House price increases

Prices are continuing to increase as interest rates are still at a historically low level, even despite recent slight increases, and buyers and sellers are exchanging contracts at speed. Demand is high, driving prices even higher, with some experts predicting that home prices will continue to soar until 2025. 

For those that can afford to invest in property, the gains can be substantial, and previously untapped regions like the North and the Midlands are outpacing London. This leaves plenty of opportunity for property investors to capitalise on the favourable market conditions.  

Investment is not only limited to the sale and purchase of property, landlords are also cashing in on rising prices. High demand and low supply is driving up the average cost of rental with 2022 predicted to see a 2% rise and a total increase of 8.5% predicted over the next 5 years. 

That increase is based on figures that reveal a national average but again, regional markets are set for even higher gains, the South-east and the Midlands are areas of primary focus with the West Midlands seeing the biggest predicted gains of 12%. Meaning, that those who wish to add buy-to-let properties to their investment will be able to maximise profits in the coming years.

Population and foreign investment

If all the increase in demand and attractive mortgage rates isn’t a compelling enough reason to invest, then potential buyers and landlords might want to consider the changing population. The number of people in the UK is increasing and generational changes to demographics indicate a high influx of renters as retirees cash out owned properties and convert to renting. 

Over 50s will downsize while younger generations, motivated by the need for flexible living all point to a strong rental market that will provide ample opportunity for investors that wish to manage a property portfolio. This is all compounded by foreign investment as a healthy economy, regeneration of urban areas, and a growing technological market encourages overseas property managers to invest in the UK market. 

Why you should invest in UK property

Property, generally speaking, provides excellent investment opportunities that yield strong returns, usually at impressive rates. Low investment amounts combined with guaranteed income makes property purchasing an attractive proposition, even for new or unseasoned investors.

The UK market is currently:

  • Set to increase for at least 5 years
  • Experiencing high demand
  • Offering favourable interest rates
  • Yielding high returned
  • Providing guaranteed income
  • Attracting foreign investment 
  • Supplying sought after rental homes
  • Increasing with retirees and younger renters

For those interested in buying and selling UK properties Revive Property Services is managed by expert directors that have a proven track record and extensive experience in property development and refurbishment. This provides our investors with a low stress opportunity to invest in fully managed property projects, without having to worry about the pitfalls or problems that can arise. 

Short term commitment periods offer flexible investment, and payments can be made monthly, quarterly, or annually. We manage the entire process using our own tradespeople and remove the risk of investing in property. 

If you would like to get started with low risk, high return property investment learn more in our Investor Pack or email our team or call 0151 933 1075 to discuss your investment options. 

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